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Nice work on the brakes front. Performance friction definitely has a good reputation from my E36 M3 days, and I have no doubt they are making a good thing here as well.

Curious what the weight difference between the stockers, PF, and Z4 offerings are. If there is a decent reduction, between this, 17" BBS RGRs, and proper summers instead of run flats we are talking about a serious loss of unsprung weight. Anyone have a weight on the 128i M-Sport boat anchor wheels?

This also might prove to be a good fix for the brake heat limp mode that the 128i(at least we don't have the terrible 135i "BBK") runs into on the track.


Looked them up on It looks like they weigh 22.3lbs and 22.4lbs for the stock front and rears respectively. Stock run flats apparently weigh 26lbs.

Given that 17x8 RGRs weigh 17.24lbs and 235/45/17 Super Sports weigh 21lbs, we are talking about a 10.1lbs reduction in unsprung weight per corner before brakes. That is an absurd performance boost.
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