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Originally Posted by einserM View Post
Alright, just to clear some confusion and set some things straight. I'm pretty well-versed with the iDrive system and snap-in adapters.

There are other BMW Apps available besides BMW Connected. Have you tried Pandora or MOG? These are both great on-demand music services. Personally, I use Pandora all the time. The in-car integration is great.

The (media) cradle will do the following:
1. Enable video to be sent to the navigation screen. This is through one of two ways:
a.) Apple's native user interface iPodOut which can be accessed through the PlugIn menu in either CD/Multimedia or BMW Connected contexts
b.) Video playback from your iPhone / iPod. If you are parked and have the hand-break on, you can watch videos on your navigation screen. There are work-arounds to watch video while driving, but I would not recommend doing it.

2. Boost your antenna signal

To get video playback, you do the following:
1. Go to CD / Multimedia
2. Choose External Devices
3. You should see your device listed (iPhone name), and a button called PlugIn at the bottom of the screen


1. Go to BMW Connected menu
2. Go all the way to the bottom
3. PlugIn should be listed after BMW Apps

I hope all this helps, guys. For any further BMW Apps or snap-in adapter questions - feel free to ask me.
Have tried all the above!

I have an iphone 4s with the media snap in adapter and when i try the self diagnosis tool through the BMW connected app with the phone snapped in, it states connection to the vehicle failed.

Have tried with and without ipod installed with yconnector and also tried my daughters iphone 4 with the same result

Anyone got any ideas?