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Welcome Killove !

Here's an excerpt of page 24 of the BMW 1M Supplementary Owner's Manual 2011 (USA) which features in the following thread of this website (Sticky "BMW 1M Manual | Catalogue | Presskit | Pricelist"):

Break-in period
Note the following instructions for your BMW 1-Series M Coupe that deviate from the description in the Owner's Manual for Vehicle.

Engine and differential
Always obey all official speed limits.

Up to 1,200miles/2,000 km
Drive at varying engine and road speeds, but do not exceed an engine speed of 5,500 rpm and a road speed of 105 mph/170 km/h.
Do not depress the accelerator all the way.

From 1,200miles/2,000 km to 3,000miles/5,000 km
Engine and road speeds can be increased gradually up to a traveling speed of 135 mph/220 km/h. Use the maximum speed only for brief intervals, e.g. when passing.

The transmission begins functioning at an optimal level only after a distance of approx. 300 miles/500 km. Do not exceed engine speeds of 5,500 rpm during this period.
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