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Originally Posted by spxxx View Post
Plans for aero? Very high quality build, are you installing all of this immediately?

Do you have experience with the SUR4 tires?
Also, is your rubbing in the rear? Seems tough to get that kind of width without crazy camber. Have you seen added benefits of going past 2* negative camber? I run the RE arms but haven't gone past 2* just due to feedback on the forums.

BTW - Are you on the west coast?
Bit of rubbing in the rear, it's honestly at its worst when coming into and out of driveways for the outside wheel. Benefits of going past -2*?! Hell yes. One thing I'll tell you is, if you listen to the forums, you'll end up running a super conservative setup, limited by the lack of people willing to test and fail, whatever car, whatever forum.

Again, this really depends on your goals and the vehicles use. I don't commute for work, and I have a daily. Big neg camber up front will increase response and contact patch when turning. You'll lose a bit of front-end stability under braking, but at -3.xx it's nothing to worry about as long as the rest of the car is up to the task. -2.5 - -2.75 out back will be good for a tail happy car like the 1.

Additionally, the benefits of running a wide wheel and wide tire up front, and square, certainly outweigh any negatives of the camber needed to fit it.

As for the build, 90% of this will be done pretty soon. Engine bits, I'm just waiting on the FMIC, everything else is in. Might upgrade to a Stage 2 LPFP from Fuel-It, otherwise engine will stay as is till these turbos die, and they're brand new, so...

Suspension is done. Bushings and mounts will go in early next week, along with the new 3.46 LSD. All fluids will be flushed and changed to Red Line at that time.

Seats will go in this weekend, along with a BMS catch can. I'll heat up and pull the front fenders and bumper where necessary to make sure there's no contact. Going to order a 3mm spacer also, since I think that'll be enough to clear up front and I'll gain 2mm back for tire to fender clearance. Every millimeter counts!

As for the Nexen's, this is my first time running them. A little birdie told me the guy who designed the Hankook RS3 & RS4 left Hankook to lead design of these for Nexen. They're supposed to be better, and reviews so far have been good. They do run very wide though, so just to keep in mind. Also not offered in 245. The 255 I have measures almost as wide as a 265 RE71R, which I ran all around on my E90.

And yes, West Coast, in LA. I'll let you know when I make it back up to Laguna or Sonoma.
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