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Originally Posted by Papethova View Post


I just looked up one example of a friction modifier for differential use and it states "Limited-slip or Positraction units use plates or clutches to provide the proper amount of lock-up to the differential. Slippery lubricants are required to prevent chatter, but too much slipperiness causes excess wheel spin, reducing traction.
For perfect traction, use Red Line 75W90NS and add the Red Line Limited-Slip Differential Friction-Modifier / Break-In Additive until the chatter disappears."

Yes, Allan - I think that statement is correct. In order to get rid of the chattter - you want to add some slip to the diff's clutch plates. But not too much.

You can buy these Friction Modifier additives separately. They come in a very small quanity: like 25 or 50ml - to add to 1L or diff oil. LiquMoly makes one...
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