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Originally Posted by tjm129 View Post
Just wondering how much fluid the trans requires, is it only 1L?

Talked to my dealer today and yesterday, service rep showed me his computer screen, says trans oil change every 3rd oil service (SB date July 2011) but no requirement for 1200 mi service. I showed him the attached SB from Canada and he even talked to the regional rep who said Canada is a different market than the US, so they won't cover the trans fluid change until the 3rd oil change, which is BS! Last I checked Canada is in North America and they call themselves BMWNA. Anyway, looking to change it myself, not giving these clowns $200 in labor to change it. (that was his quote). And they don't have it in stock, nor can they find out a part number in their system.

Yup, change the trans oil yourself. It is not hard at all. In fact changing the engine oil is harder. lol The trans should hold 2.0L of MTF-LT-5 oil. I know I saw some posts where bmw claims it only holds 1.2L but I think that is incorrect. It is the same trans as the 135i N55. And on my N54, my trans took 2.0L of fluid. I bought 2.5L just to be safe when I was changing the fluid... bc I did not want to be caught short - on oil - when my car was up in the air. G.L.

Btw... over here in Germay... since the customer is paying for services... guess what... BMW AG says to change the trans, diff and engine oils at 2K kms.

Also... I am searching for a good used 2nd BMW e39. I was over at my dealer yesterday and asking them about any problems with the e39's. My guys tehre asked me IF I was gonna buy an automatic... I said ohh no! They said thats good... bc with LifeTime fluids... the A/T 5er are done at 200K kms - without trans fluid changes. They said it wil need a fresh trans. lol Change that oil!