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Thinking about Selling the 1er

Had this car a little over two years, its my 4th BMW and I sorta have a love hate relationship with it right now

The car- 2009 AT 135i
3rd owner, currently has 78k Miles
FBO w/Walbro450 running e40 tune now for about a year

I am at the point of wanting more power and future reliability and I think I am at the limit here. In two years I have done the following maintenance:

02 Sensors
Plugs and Coils
OFH Gasket
Headlight Module
Window Regulator

Considering all the N54 horror stories I think I am pretty lucky, but I get a feeling that luck is about to run out fairly soon. I drive the car and it brings a smile to my face, but I feel like I am just waiting for something to break all the time.

Thoughts? The car still looks damn good and has everything I want except I am bored with the power, not sure I want to jump into new turbos or single turbo. If it was a domestic Id throw some nitrous at it but with these cars its not as easy and you might as well spend the extra money for turbos.

Maybe I am just bored and need a change.