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Originally Posted by Iron Man View Post
Yes, I would agree.

I just figured he added all the options, since the price on the 128i is relatively low.
Well, my dream config would be the 128i with the 255HP N52 variant from the Z4. I simply adored that engine -- smooth, tractable and linear with a lovely metallic wail. The 230HP N52 isn't far behind in terms of power and it shares the same basic characteristics, so I'm excited about that.

If, over time, I feel the urge to add a little more power, I'll look at the basic options (chip and intake), but I don't think it will be necessary. I still prefer the feel of an NA engine even though it's obviously less powerful and offers fewer tuning options.

In terms of the options, I got what I wanted and know I'll use -- nothing more, nothing less. Premium was needed as explained above, Lighting is a no-brainer for me as is the HK stereo (which I have now). Sport seats are a must. I was on the fence about Tech but made up my mind ( After that, it's small stuff: PDC is very useful with my garage/driveway config, the alarm is cheap peace of mind, especially since I'm swapping the wheels, and my wife would not be happy if I skipped the heated seats!

Even with all the options, I'm getting a very good deal. When everything is said and done, I can fill in the blanks.

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