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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post

If I've ruffled anyone's feathers with my opinions, please note that they are only *my* opinions and I only apply them to myself. I fully understand why people prefer the 135i and I'm sure there are people who love their F30s -- If I wanted a 135i or a new 335i, I'd get one, but I really admire the relative old school simplicity of the E82 and I want to get one before they're no longer available. Basically, I know my tastes and I'm finally building a car that matches them closely without going overboard.
Oh I can tell we are going to get along well with all of that.

Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
Well, my dream config would be the 128i with the 255HP N52 variant from the Z4. I simply adored that engine -- smooth, tractable and linear with a lovely metallic wail. The 230HP N52 isn't far behind in terms of power and it shares the same basic characteristics, so I'm excited about that.

If, over time, I feel the urge to add a little more power, I'll look at the basic options (chip and intake), but I don't think it will be necessary. I still prefer the feel of an NA engine even though it's obviously less powerful and offers fewer tuning options.
You can install the factory OE DISA intake off the 330i/X3 3.0/X5 3.0/whatever and Evolve software for ~$1200 total and be around 280hp, or 50 up over stock and exceeding your goal with factory parts.
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