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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
yeah it's good 'in theory' to want an NA i6, but the reality is a lot less impressive in comparison to even the new 4cyl turbos lol

ED: clarification: it's not 'smooth', up high revs it is, but stop start traffic it's unbelievably jerky below like 2000/2500rpm.

ohhh and sorry, i have the 265/270hp stock, there's not much you can go above that and even at a full 270ish it's JUST enough to be fun lol

and how the heck is nav 40lb? it' sjust a screen lol
Seeing as most of my cars have been NA inline sixes, I'm way beyond theory. I'll take a linear power-band over a turbo hump any day of the week.

No sure if you are referring to the N52, but it is anything but jerky. It's one of the smoothest engines out there period. Headers alone are worth 20hp and provide gains across the entire hp and torque band. So you can easily go above your 270.

iDrive is 40lbs because it is a hell of a lot more than just a screen.

You seem like someone who always wants more power, will eventually ruin the car with excessive power for the platform, and then will be frustrated and unsure why you don't enjoy the car at which point you will sell it and move on.
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