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Originally Posted by bdaddylo View Post
Tire sizes are fine, but I would personally go with 275 and 295 combo like Mdorphn plans on doing. I also would not cheap out on tires because you have to live with the decision for 10 - 15k miles or the added cost and inconvenience of replacing them. The RS3 and Z2 have proven track records. The Z2 has better wet weather grip than the RS3, but less than the PS2/PSS. You can't go wrong with either.
Correct me if I am wrong but I think Mdorphn moved to a 10et25 front wheel as opposed to the 9.5et22 wheels that I ordered. Will the 9.5et22 accommodate a 275 front tire?

Looking online the only tire in this category in those sizes are the new BFG g-force rival. Open to the idea I guess. BTW the sizes would be 275/35 and 295/35.

I should also add that my car is completely stock. When I do the wheels/tires I will be adding stainless brake lines, new brake fluid, and purchase some track brake pads to switch out (undecided on pads). I will also try to get as much negative camber as possible stock with an alignment. That said I may be buying camber plates in the near future, but that is not definite.

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I second the 275 and 295 combo!

I would highly suggest you to buy Michelin PSS's. Besides they are even cheaper than PS2's for some reason - PSS's are better in every way. Send Gill at TireRack a PM and see what he recommends. Be sure to tell him you are a 1Addict.
I have read great things about the PSS, and have enjoyed the PS2s. That said I want to move to something a little stickier...

What is Gill's email?