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B&M Short Shift Kit and CDV Mod DIY

I know some threads have been started on this, and maybe I didnt catch all of the details, but I had some issues with these two mods and I wanted to put out another DIY. I'm sorry I dont have pictures.

For anyone thinking of doing these mods, the car feels 50% better after the SSK and CDV mod. The throws are tight and I can do heel/toe shifting without getting a jerky resistance from the clutchplate.

B&M Shifter Notes:
-I did a UUC SSK install on an 335i sedan and this install was easier. There were/are some issues with the kit.

-On the 135, the clip holding the bottom of the shifter connected to the tranny linkage bar can be a pain. This whole install is painful because you have to fit your hands/arms in a relatively small space. My recommendation is to use a small allen wrench and put it through the bottom of the U clip, then with your other hand use a small screw driver or tool to lift the bar holding the clip in place. After you lift the clip the allen wrench will make it easy to pull the clip off.

-When your rotate the plastic shift ball shell be careful not to tear up the plastic, especially the two 'tabs' mentioned in the instrcutions. Its also a tight spot to have two small phillips head screw drivers to rotate the plastic.

-I installed the clip as the B&M instrcutions but once the new shifter is in, the plastic ball shell which is reused would come back up and out with a little pressure. I rotated the plastic tabs so that they were underneath the part of the metal shell that has a lip for retention, but it would still come out. The instructions from B&M call for you to 'hammer' the plastic in but that didnt do the trick. Not a huge issue just so long as you dont pull up on your shift knob.

-After you install the knew shifter and your underneath the car, the instructions call for using a B&M provide washer on both ends of the bottom of the shift knob as you reconnect it with the tranny lever. I used one washer which went closest to the tranny lever, but there was no room to put the U clip back on when using the 2nd washer. If someone can figure this one out let me know - but I think its because this SSK's instructions are made for the E90.

SSK MOD was nothing compared to the goat rope of the CDV Valve.

-The CDV valve is easy enough to find - there are two metal clips that need to be moved, but not come completely off. I was doing this job in a car garage and when I moved the 2nd clip which secures the CDV in place, I used too much force and the clip flew off. My buddy and I spent the next 30 minutes looking for it - for a while we thought a bug stole it. Be careful with these clips.

-To be safe, go get the brake/clutch fluid from BMW or whatever replacement fluid you think is necessary. I clamped the hose with plyers which worked fine, and then removed the CDV and did the plastic tap out trick. Very effective and cheap. Now, in retrospect I think I could have just replaced everything and it would have worked fine, but I decided to bleed the clutch valve like others. This is when things went south.

-If you plan on doing this mod, have a 11mm crows foot, or some other tool that will allow you to open and close the valve. The valve is very hard to reach and if you do bleed the clutch out, you will have to do this at least a few times.

-BIG THING - as stated in another post in some obscure location the reservoir in the front right corner of the hood does feed both the brakes and clutch, however the way the reservoir is designed, it is split into 2 chambers and the chamber that feeds the clutch is a very small portion on the far right as your looking down at the reservoir. Additionally, you have to have the fluid level just about max for fluid to drain into that clutch portion of the reservoir. I ended up trying to bleed and pump fluid in and got nothing but air. I kept checking the reservoir and saw there was fluid in it and it was just about full. Have your replacement fluid on standby and do the following:

-Dont worry about saving the fluid but to avoid making a mess have a small pan - have your buddy push and hold the clutch down and open the valve.
You dont have open it much, and dont forget to take off the rubber nipple.
After you open it let all of the fluid and bubbles and air drain out. After this is all done and its just dripping a little fluid, close the valve and have your buddy release the clutch.

-Go and fill the reservoir all the way past the max indicator.

-Have your buddy pump the clutch - there shouldnt be much resistance. After pumping it about 5-10 times, have him hold it down.

-Open the valve and you should get a little air and a little fluid. Close the valve.

-Repeat these steps - each time you do it youll get more pressure on the clutch as it fills back up with fluid.

-After about 4 or 5 iterations of this, youll open the valve and get a steady stream of fluid. At this point close the valve as soon as you open it and wipe all the crap off of your face and hands and sit in your baby. If the clutch feels like it did before, your good to go.

Pretty painful, but definately worth it.