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Originally Posted by 2WheelDave View Post
What intercooler did you choose? I've been looking a bunch. Up here in Canuckistan, the US dollar exchange plus shipping gets things expensive very quickly!

ARM Motorsports has a 5" stepped for $399.00 if I bundle that up with their charge pipe and a lower hose upgrade kit and apply their current discount code, I think it all comes out to $483.00US which is a heck of a deal I think.

I don't want my car to be loud, so I'm not really feeling the down pipe upgrade. We do multi day road trips in search of windy roads so having something that drones at highway speeds is definitely not going to work.
Now that I've had the G-Plus intercooler a couple of weeks, I thought I'd get back to you. Now, I'm new at logging in MHD, so take this with a grain of salt, but it looks like my IATs are staying put at around 97 degrees when doing full pulls in 3rd gear, which, as the reviews stated, is as good as any other 5" intercooler, AFAIK (not including expensive tube and fin style.).