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Maybe I wasn't clear, I have never gone 15k on an OCI.

Oil changes to date: 1200 mile run-in, approx 6k myself, 15k at the dealer, 25k at the dealer (that was my longest interval, did a few autocrosses, but had never tracked the car up to that point), 29k at the dealer, and now getting ready to do one myself at 36k. I really think once per year is good for me, which is usually about 7-10k miles. I do not drive the car in freezing temps, so there may not be much advantage to a 0 weight for me. It is the 40 that I want since our summers are HOT. As long as I don't see consumption, I would rather get the slight economy bump from the 0 weight.

I will probably try to find the Pennzoil branded stuff which I am sure will save my at least 3 bucks a quart.

Edit/update: the Pennzoil branded stuff is $9.62/qt at walmart. May not be much cheaper that BMW branded. I think I paid $10 per quart when I last bought some. Walmart has the Castrol Edge 0w40 for $21.97 for a 5qt jug. Hmmm....

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