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Pennzoil Recommendation

On the Shell Website they recommend PP Euro 5W-40 and not the 0W-40.
I believe that I read that the cleaning ability of the Zero weight oil is not as good. Plus the pour point of the 5W-40 is like -42 deg so it makes sense.
I came from an N54 with Heat and Intake Valve issues. I started using Redline 5W-30, installed a BMS catch can and learned to walnut blast my intakes myself .
Now that I am in the N55 -- I have researched and since I am changing my oil myself (free maint did not transfer) I have chosen PP EURO 5W-40 while in warranty. Post 50k I will most likely go back to RL due to what believe to be great oil for the N54/N55 (turbos, Heat & cleaning). OCI less than 7.5k
In BIMMER MAG June 2016 there is Mike Miller talking about the N54 and how to reduce valve build up. The BMW tech community believes you need to : OCI every 5k, use top-tier gas, run the car hard & use BMW fuel cleaner (Techron). Very interesting read on page 30.