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Potential 1M Owner - Requesting Advice

Long story short, I’m in the market potentially for a 1M or A45. I think it is time to move on from my heavily modded turbo 350z that I have spent the last 10 years tinkering with and start a new project. Having owned a 130 for the last 3 years I’m quite fond of the BMW “feel” and will be easier to get it past the misses.

After some pointers on

• What is a good price to pay. (generally seeing 95-108k which I thought was a tad on the high side. I was expecting mid 80’s + onroads for low K's)
• Confirm what options were included in the OZ delivered models
• Option costs. If someone has the original price guide that would be awesome
• Does comfort access provide the passenger mirror tilt like my 130
• What to look out specifically for in a second hand 1M besides the obvious checks
• Are there any fundamental differences between the 2011/2012 models

Attached is what I found but not sure what was included locally. Having comfort access on my 130 is awesome. Not sure if I could live without it again. The options I’m interested in are:

• Comfort Access
• Professional Nav
• Professional Radio
• Open to recomendations

Any help is appreciated or links as I’m more than happy to read.

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