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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
How do you get checkered flag? And how did the guy do that in the video. I need this start for autocross!
You'll get plenty of tire smoke from both tires using the actual launch control as describes in your owners manual (see below). If you deactivate traction control completely, your RIGHT tire will spin, and you'll not launch quickly. Remember, BMW creates the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Excerpt from 2011 135i owners manual:
Launch Control enables an optimum acceleration
when starting off on a road surface with
good traction.
Do not use Launch Control too often; otherwise,
the powerful stresses on the vehicle
will lead to premature component wear.<
Launch Control is ready for use when the
engine is at operating temperature, i.e. after
uninterrupted travel of at least 6.2 miles/10 km.
1. With the engine running, step on the brake
with your left foot.
2. Activate Dynamic Traction Control (DTC),
refer to page, 72.
3. Activate Driving dynamics control, refer to
page 55.
4. With the vehicle stationary, activate the
manual mode and select 1st gear.
5. With your right foot, push the accelerator
pedal past the resistance point. The acceleration
speed is adjusted. A flag symbol
appears in the instrument cluster.
6. When you release the brake pedal, the vehicle
accelerates. Keep the accelerator pedal
7. The upshifting occurs automatically as long
as you keep the accelerator pedal pressed
past the resistance point.
Launch Control will be ready for use again after
you drive a certain distance.
Launch Control is not available for use during
the break-in phase, refer to page 104.
To maintain driving stability, keep DSC
activated whenever possible.