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To the best of my knowledge Hong Kong has an extradition treaty with the US and with the UK. Hong Kong did not have an extradition treaty with China and China did want one as Taiwan did following the murder of the girl in Taiwan by her Hong Kong boyfriend. As that issue came to light China said we also want to have an extradition law with Hong Kong. In this case it makes sense for both to want an extradition treaty for say murder. The extradition bill though did not mention in detail what would classify an extradition and many were not happy about this. The irony and hypocrisy in all this is the US also has extradition treaties with other countries and supports extradition of those who commit crimes and even if those crimes were not committed in the US they still extradite them over, prosecute them and imprison them in the US. Quite often this happens against the person's wishes and against the other country's wishes. On the other hand Hong Kong wanted to be able to elect their own government officials without involvement from China of which the Hong Kong people have a point on but here in the US our officials have certain guidelines to meet also if they wish to become government officials or run for President. Those that don't follow those policies don't make it in the end.

The US has been playing a double standard though on these protests where they support them in some countries but oppose them in other countries

I really like Hong Kong and this is quite complicated. The police in Hong Kong have been quite patient in the beginning compared to say how the Police in the US would have reacted. The police in the US would probably have pulled out their guns on many occasions and shot everyone who ran at them protesting so the police in HK showed more obedience and self restraint (to a certain point that is) as things have changed now.