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Originally Posted by Juiced1M
My 1m rattles when the HK system shakes the rear lol
Originally Posted by Fundahl
The only rattle I have is from my back-passenger inside paneling when I play bassy music. I have NO idea how to get it off and fix it.

And the dealer won't do shit about it....
Originally Posted by flzrider
I think I might have this rattle too but haven't tracked it down very much. Is yours coming from the door panel (under the quarter window), or is it coming from the rear speaker deck (behind the headrests)?

Originally Posted by sq86 View Post
I have the same thing.

It's only when there's lots of bass in songs. flzrider mine is coming from underneath the quarter panel window. When I pushed that panel in while playing a heavy bass song it stopped it. Off to the dealer again because they "couldn't hear it" the first time.
Mine rattles around driver door the most when bass is on. I have HK, and it pisses me off. No point in having an upgraded sound and not to enjoy listening to it. I have to turn it off completely or crank way up.

It's very annoying. I was thinking will take care of it in the spring by taking the door panels off and affixing whatever is lose there, but seeing that there is a whole bunch of people have this issue maybe BMW will listen to this and issue a recall of some sort.

BMW, are you listening?!