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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
My first trip to Laguna Seca was great. Weather turned out great, track wasn't too crowded, and I didn't break anything.

Let me say that this track is much harder than I thought it was going to be. The elevation changes are crazy(way more than you think) and the apex's of most of the corners are blind. Track knowledge definitely would make you tons faster here. Braking points are fairly obvious, but the turn-ins where hard to pick up. By the fourth session I was feeling a little more comfortable, but my SD card ran out of room so I only have video from the morning sessions. I definitely turned in to soon a bunch and coasted way too much, but it was a fun first time out.

On the up side the new Brembo's are freakin fantastic on the track. Absolutely zero fade and I ended up braking way to soon most of the day which made me coast into a lot of turns thus making me much slower, but once I get use to all that stopping power I should be much much quicker.

I had an idea that I was gonna go beat Randy Pobst's time of 1:46.6 in a stock 135. Turns out I'm no Randy Pobst. My best time was 1:49.51. I'll be back in May and hopefully I'll get there.

Nice driving. Nice vids...

But Randy Pobst posted a lap time of 106.0 secs