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So I have taken the e85 plunge since the pump is only 2 miles away from my house. Running the adaptive JB4 map 5 with a 30/70 mix has proven to make some good results. The most noticeable difference is faster spooling. I don't have any dyno information to demonstrate actual differences, but my car now feels as though it's always in the "Manual Sport" mode on the auto tranny. I used to have to knock the shifter into MS mode when I wanted to get the rpm's up and ready for a pull, but I no longer need to. It feels like it's always ready to go now. Highway pulls seem stronger too (recently had fun killing an M6). Gas mileage is only down a tiny bit, but I have also been having more fun doing spirited driving lately. The price for e85 compared to 93 octane is less too. I'm hoping in the future, there will be options for a larger hpfp and injectors so I can just run straight e85 at all times

Some more pics after a proper wash... Love how these tires actually stick to the ground