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Originally Posted by tuzige View Post
Is it possible to tie the USB cable into the factory location? If I have to plug my phone in for carplay functionality, I don't want to be opening the glove box every time.
It should be possible but I haven't done it myself. Go on and search for "BMW USB adapter". Something like this:

Pull out the USB/Aux jack from your car and check if that green Fakra plug looks like it will fit and is the correct male/female. But if you get that cable you'll also need a USB-A male to USB-A male adapter or cable to connect it to the Joying unit.

I saw this:

which has a USB-A male plug, and you can buy it without the port panel for $6.99 + $2.41 shipping, but it's for a VW so I'm not sure if the green Fakra plug is wired the same as BMWs.