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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Its a wonderful view - you can see how often I head up to the north shore, some of those coast roads are gorgeous though, Sag Harbour comes to mind as well.

Everybody that was good in the Hassel Service department left last december. They all moved to Habberstad Huntington and Bay Shore - So I go to Habberstad now.

Quick story, My car had 77K miles on it at the start of the month. My wastegates were rattling horribly. So I took it to Hassel (like I used to do) They had the car for 3 days and didnt even read it for codes (I knew there were codes stored in the ECU) until the day I pick up the car.

The conversation switched from "Get in right away" to we can do nothing, your wastegates are broken but they arent broken enough. Come back to us when they break fully (whatever that meant). Knowing that they were just trying to make me leave and avoid a repair on a car 5K miles before the warranty expired. So I got on the phone to track down the awesome people that used to work at Hassel, I found them at Habberstad and walked out with brand new turbos and an intake manifold cleaning a week later.

Hassels service department is currently awful, they treat you like dog turds and they dont care about you. I would highly recommend avoiding them in the future.

Back on topic though! and Back to the pictures!
Good to know and noted, I honestly hope I don't have to deal with service much, it's a lease. I wanted to sign with Habberstad in Huntington (I live there).. but the sales guy I dealt with was a dick, I came in close to closing time and he literally shut the lights on me even after telling him how interested I was. To me, that's a go F yourself you just lost a sale, and they did..

Yes, more pics! Going for a cruise Friday with a buddy and his WRX. Maybe we'll find some cool spots.