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Originally Posted by IndyMike
Entertaining reading the contest winners individuals posts concerning their group experience.

I never signed up for it because I was sure I probably wouldn't win, and if I had I knew I would want the car something bad and the timing for that just wasn't right.

So now more than 2 years later here I am with this special car anyway, kicking myself that I didn't enter the contest.

If nothing else those jackets the winners got are boss.

Are they available on-line anywhere, or were they just for the contest winners and M elite employees?
The jackets and vests we received are awesome, and the memories are ones i will treasure for ever along with my euro delivery experience. I haven't seem them elsewhere. It looks like they were custom made for the event for the 12 and the group of engineers and photographers that were there.

As far as entering the contest, one of the 12 encouraged his flat mate to enter and that person didn't enter, and of course he was extremely disappointed with himself.
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