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Sorry, but its necessary to remove the 10mm nut near the usb connector?. Im affraid if I broke the plastic cover.

Thank you.

Originally Posted by AndyM View Post
Removing the center armrest without removing the entire center console is not difficult. I did not like the useless bins for storage in the stock armrest so I got European version with the bigger storage space.

Tools required
10mm Socket and wrench
T-20 Torx Bit

Removing the Stock Armrest.

Raise the armrest and next to the USB/iPod interface is a cover. Remove it and you will expose a 10mm nut:

Remove the 10mm nut (make sure you do not drop the nut into the center console). Set the cover and the nut off to the side.

On the back of the center console is a trim panel. To remove the trim panel, pull straight back. I was able to do it by hand (no tools) by gripping it towards the bottom. You may need to use an interior trim tool to remove the panel.

With the trim panel removed, you expose 4 fasteners: 2 T-20 Torx screws at the top of the armrest and 2 10mm nuts at the base. Begin by undocking the cell phone connector from the armrest and then remove the 4 fasteners.

To remove the armrest, you will need to lift it up until it clears the 2 captive bolts at the base. The center console has enough play to allow you to clear the bolts. Once you have the armrest over the two bolts, slide the armrest back.

If you are simply removing the armrest, you are done. To install the armrest, it is the reverse of removal.

If you are installing a new armrest, there is more to it if you have the iPod sleeve. The iPod sleeve is held in place by 3 self tapping T-20 screws. To access the screws, open the sleeve and lift the velvet-y backing.

Remove the three screws:

A new armrest will not come with the sleeve. The sleeve is expensive, so you will want to re-use it. To transfer it to a new armrest, use a piece of paper with the paper aligned with the longer (left in the picture above) and the bottom edges. Use a pencil to mark the holes on the paper. Align the paper on the bottom of the new armrest and transfer the holes to the new armrest. The T-20 screws are self tapping, so all you need to do is line up the iPod sleeve and screw it down.

Here is a comparison of the larger storage armrest and the worthless one. I lined the bottom of the new one with some toolbox drawer liner to keep things from sliding around a bit.

note: new armrests come with a new lid, I have one off for another project.