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Originally Posted by seis-speed View Post
I am with you on the F80. I loved mine, it was a 2015 model with MPE and HK radio as the only options. It was absolutely an enthusiastís car. It felt light and agile, and IMO with an exhaust mod sounded good to me.

I sold it and I miss it - The stripper models early on weighed a lot less than a fully loaded Comp in 2018 and were mapped differently so the acceleration was violent much like the 1M on boost. My car weighed around 3450lbs on the truck scales that I use to weigh all my cars. If you spec it properly it can really change the feel of the car.

I also agree with you on Bimmerpost members. People want adaptive suspension on an already heavy M2C??? The luxury requests are confusing to me on a car that is supposed to be an enthusiast spec.
Judging by forum posts, and the direction that BMW has gone in, I don't think that your typical M2/M2C owner is the same sort of old-style BMW enthusiast that we celebrate on this 1M forum. Most M2/M2C owners are younger and have little previous experience with the brand, with cars that may have had a lot less power but were still way more engaging and fun to drive than anything being produced now (regardless of manufacturer).

The M2/M2C is much more of a near-luxury/aspirational car than it is an enthusiast/driver's car. The only caveat I would add to that comment is that if the usage of the car is primarily as a track car, the M2/M2C might actually be exceptional; other things are desirable in a track car than in a street car, and the M2/M2C might be near the top of the heap if that is your usage.

But for most people who's idea of a driver's car is something you can canyon carve in, I'd rather drive a 135i or even a 2002, than an M2/M2C, for sheer driving engagement and fun.
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