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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Yet another over the top response from you.

Sell it already and move on.
Hopefully you'll have better luck with the next brand you choose.
I suggest Honda or Toyota or Buick, as they rate very well in terms of reliability.

Originally Posted by ulrichd View Post
Correct me if I am wrong but the number of people on this board represents a tiny fraction of N54 owners, and of those on the board only a small percentage have had fuel pump issues. I am not trying to say that it's not a serious problem but I think people tend to read a handful of posts on a message board and immediatley think OMG it's an epidemic.
people that sign up on forums are either car enthusiasts, someone looking for a solution to a problem, and someone who was told something and had to find out for themselves. It's that old story, 1 complaint gets blown out of proportion by many people, 1 compliment doesn't go as far. word of mouth (in this case, word of internet) just spreads like wildfire.

Cars break down, it's nothing new. you should all be happy we live in the years 2000+ because way back in the day, we'd be getting break downs on a regular basis, and not caring because it was a fact of life.

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oh gawd this is pathetic....

u guys should look on the bright side if your having so much hpfp issues then just wish to have it 3 times file a lemon, get your money back or a nice settlement and put cash in your pocket... just saying... i had 2 hpfp issues before i gave my car away, if a third one arose i would have for sure filed a claim... (not speaking for people outside of CA since i dont know how your guyss laws work, im mainly talking about California people)
^^^^ simple solution these acts are put together to protect everyone.