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Originally Posted by Shost View Post
Since I already had a query with BMW UK about some other issue I sent a quick email regarding these OBD Port thefts and unsuprisingly here is the official line:

Dear Mr S

Thank you for your online communication dated April 2, 2012.
I can confirm that all BMW vehicles are tested and comply with the security regulations in the UK and it is disappointing that in certain cases these have been overcome by criminal activity. BMW are ever advancing the security on our vehicles to keep up with the new ways that car thief's employ, to commit vehicle theft.
While BMW take pride in guaranteeing the safety and performance of our vehicles, respecting the safety existing in various countries, a car manufacturer cannot possibly know the many techniques criminals use and then produce vehicles that are equipped to deter them. BMW follow EU safety regulations in relation to the specifications of our vehicles. Local police forces can instead advise on the measures to adopt or deter local criminals, since this is their field of expertise. If you are seeking further information on this, please discuss this matter with your local police force, as they will also be able to offer you further advice on how to keep your vehicle safe.
I am sorry that I was unable to provide further advice. It is regrettable that we are unable to speculate on how BMW's have been stolen and what method was adopted in order to carry out this crime. However, if you require any further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Yours sincerely


This makes me laugh. Pathetic.
Weird how this hasn't made the local or national news/watchdog or even crimewatch? Apparently 250,000 worth of BMWs were stolen in ONE NIGHT a few weeks ago using this exact method or re-programming the key.