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Originally Posted by Iron Man View Post
This is the biggest bunch of BS I have read in a long time. FWD car that drives like a BMW? So all the marketing BMW has shove down our throats about RWD being the Ultimate Driving Machine is nothing but lies?

This is nothing but a bean counter, brand dilution move by BMW. The Finance and MBA guys are taking over. I know they still will offer RWD cars, but these FWD cars are not "true" to the brand, and this is not good. Alienate enthusiasts and in the long run BMW will suffer. I remember reading articles about Honda losing its way/mojo, well it feels like BMW is following the same path.
Agree. I suggest BMW needs to create a new brand for FWD cars, sitting between MINI and BMW, to avoid diluting the BMW brand. They could use an older brand they already own from the Rover days such as Triumph or Riley.

The other side of the story also needs considering. How big should a MINI be? The current MINI is large enough and anything larger is too big to be a real Mini. Again more brand dilution. The Countryman is far too large and stretches the MINI brand too far. They need a new middle brand.
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