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Few mod questions.

First off, let me start by saying I just bought my first BMW. Picked up a 2008 135i 6MT with 55k miles on it for 22k. Has Nav, Heated package, M Package, Comfort Access, etc. Sedona Red Metallic on black.

I'm a computer guy and I do tons of research before buying anything. (I did all my research for this car on this website, thanks guys!) With that being said, my first mod I'd like to do is JB4 with intake. From what I read this is the most bang for your buck performance wise. I also live in North Carolina, does anyone know of a good tuning shop around here that I can get it tuned at? I can do all the mechanical work myself for the most part.. but I'd rather let a pro tune it.

After that I plan on getting a quad exhaust and diffuser for the pure looks and sound. My question is, who has the best setup for this? Can someone be nice enough to supply me links?

I also want to get downpipes, but since I'm in NC should I go with High Flow cats or will Catless be fine once I get JB4 installed?

I'm also going to get rid of the stock run-flats, so what are those really nice rims that I see everyone using that are black with the red strip around them? I don't want to have to roll the fenders so I'll most likely stick to 18'' rims.

I'd also like to swap out my blue emblems with some red/black carbon fiber ones, but I can't seem to find a link for those either.. just overlay's.

After all that is done, are coilovers really worth it? I don't plan on tracking this car, just want to have a little fun driving around and going to work. What about charge-pipes? Oil catch cans? What sort of gauges should I get? I saw a P3cars vent one that looks really nice. I've also seen one that mounts in the center console in front of the shifter. Who makes that?

I'll update my post with pictures of the car as soon as I go pick it up today, it will be stock pictures, but hell.. I'm sure everyone is happy to see a nice BMW.

I'm as giddy as a little kid on xmas waiting to open his presents. :X

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