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Unless you plan to drive the speed limit everywhere and never take the car to the track/autox/drive it like a BMW was meant to be driven, then the 135 would be a better choice or a 128 for much less.

The 1M has a more harsh ride, it is a little bit louder, the front bumper is lower...that's about it in the cons department. You will get another year or so of warranty with the 135. Honestly though, if you are able to find both at similar prices there is no question the 1M is a better buy.

To me, options were irrelevant. I entered the market too late to order a new one, so I found one second hand that ended up being loaded save for the HK sound and satellite radio. The Nav/Idrive is pretty slick, especially for ipod/iphone usage. That said this car is so awesome I really would have been satisfied if the only one I could have found had no options at all.

On the street the 135 is ~95% of the 1M. That extra 5% makes the 1M feel very very special. I was cruising around yesterday (weather happened to drop about 30 degrees, helping those turbos) and thought to myself that this was the perfect car. If you can drive both before making the decision you should just so you have no regrets. For many people the 135 is probably perfect and plenty of car for their needs. The 1M is still a very good daily driver. Decent fuel economy (I drive like an ass and get about 19 in the city). Again it is lower, has a rough ride in comparison to a lot of cars but it certainly isn't unbearable. If you are anything like me, buying the 135 instead of the 1M would have been regretful (I was very close to ordering a new 135, also looked at used M3s).