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Originally Posted by cmcgonag View Post
Also do your trunk lid buttons work on your remotes? Cause mine don't...maybe I have the valet switch off in the glove box?
Have you tried pressing it for about a second instead of just clicking it once? First day i got mine, I also thought my remote didnt work for exactly that reason.

edit: on the car not stalling in first: this is due to there not being a lot of torque required to keep the car moving.
As has been aptly noted, each time you select a higher gear to try this with, it gets tougher.
The minimum required amount of torque at idle rpm keeps growing for each subsequent gear you pick.
Car can't deliver that torque = you stall.

If your car doesnt do this, it will also be a pain to simply get moving from a standstill, which is exactly what 1st gear is for and why it does it so well
Not trying to have a last word here but instead give a tiny bit of insight on the actual mechanics behind it

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