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I have an 08 135 vert that I'm looking to mod up. I've debadged it, and I'm following the crowd with some VMR CSL Reps....aside from other external visual mods, I'm looking to juice up the performance a little. My utmost concern is warranty disturbance. My plans include a JB2 and an intake. I love the sound of the BMS Dual Cone, as well as the current price, but I'm open to any suggestions. I'm concerned about the possibility of raised oil temp during daily driving, but that's perhaps only a small issue.

Here's my big question: I know that a piggyback or reflash of any kind voids the powertrain warranty (if discovered), but I'm not concerned about that as the JB is invisible and extremely easy to install and uninstall for services. How does BMWNA feel about aftermarket intakes? What would the potential warranty interaction be on one? If there's any chance at all that there would be negative warranty interaction, I'll probably avoid one.
The answer is - it depends. It depends on the relationship you have with your Service Manager. It depends on what would have failed on the car and what repairs might have to be done under warranty. Would an air intake mod affect the clutch warranty? What about a wheel bearing? Same for catless downpipes.

Anything that increases horsepower or torque is bound to affect the warranty of any engine/turbo/drivetrain related issue. Is this a popular answer on this forum? No - but it is one you have to consider.

Don't be surpised if the BMW Computer can't detect a piggyback unit already. It records any number of engine operating variables, things like fuel consumption, revs, and speed can all be compared to factory - if the averages don't seem to match, then they can assume a piggyback of some kind has been installed.