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Did the removal today. Few notes on the ActiveAutowerke install guide. I did this on a 2008 135i vert install...

1) I couldn't find an E10 torx anywhere. I'm not sure it exists. I think the correct torx bit is t45. This was also a really hard screw to reach. I used a 3/8" rachet and had to remove a part of a little plastic cover to get my hand close enough. (I'll try to get a picture later).

2) To remove the 2 bolts on the flange connecting the axle back to the midpipe, I needed a 14mm wrench and 14mm socket. One for holding the nut in place while you use the other to remove the bolt. The instructions only list the socket. Neither of my 14mm bolts was a torsion spring. I wonder if the last owner parted back to stock and didn't install the OEM exhaust properly?

3) I'm not positive but it may be easier to undo the 18mm nut holding the exhaust hanger towards the middle of the car BEFORE undoing the 2 14mm bolts for the flange. I did the 2 14mm bolts first and then when I went to do the 18mm, the rubber hanger was kind of hitting my wrench, and I htink this was because of removing the 14mm flange bolts first.

Basically, there are three exhaust hangers. Two very close to the rear bumper, and one a little before the flange. Undo the torx screw first to get the rear-middle hanger off the car. Then undo the 18mm nut attached to the hanger near the flange. Let this hanger stay hooked onto the bolt until you're ready to remove the exhaust. Then undo the 2 14mm bolts on the flange. These 2 hangers you've already undone will come off with the exhaust. Now the only thing holding the exhaust should be the one hanger on the driver side rear of the car and the hanger near the flange that can just slide off the bolt very easily. There are also 2 thin metal bars that are in a 'V' shape underneath the car. These will help support the flange end of the exhaust. I haven't done it yet, but it looks like you'll have to wiggle the exhaust around the bar. I was able to push the exhaust off the last hanger with the help of a little WD-40. It was hard though.

I had my jackstand in the way so I wasn't able to pull the exhaust off, but it was moving around freely and I think using ramps, I should be able to slide it out without removing the 'V' bars. Will work on it tomorrow and post more info.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I wanted to add more information. Overall, I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the install guide. Will put the AA exhaust in soon and see how that goes and report back. I'll also try to get pictures/video.