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I'll add this...

I read a comment in another thread that pointed out that a bunch of people here wouldnt consider the 128i if the 135i was overpriced. I guess, for me, I was on the borderline on the 128i/135i debate until I saw the official 135i. I sort of had the opinion that 230 horsepower would be plenty (and it still is for that matter...) and, at a cheaper price, it would be an easier financial decision. BUT, then a I saw the official 135i and decided that it looked so good and now that I have briefly driven a couple of 335is, have determined that I have to have this engine. For me, it is 135i or nothing.
I completely agree. Its the 135i or bust for me. I think this is BMW's dilemma and also why they can't afford to overprice either of these vehicles. I mean, this is a VERY small sample from this poll, but look at it for a second..... 40% of potential buyers would look to another car company. That is a bunch of business to lose. Especially with all of the potential buyers of this vehicle. I don't think they can afford that. On the other side, if they price both of these vehicles right, they will make and absolute killing. I am sure the BMW execs understand this. I am sure they are having much bigger debates about the pricing than we are, and have been for a while. I have faith they will price this vehicle right - to generate business, and also satisfy customers. Plus with the G37 starting at $34,250, they just can't price the 135i that high. Let us pray they don't.