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Guys it comes down to this, BMW know what the competition is selling and marketing their cars at. They follow the competitions cars sells and prices as much as their own or maybe even more. They would never sell 135i for more money than a competitors car that is supposed to be a match for a higher bimmer ( such as the 335i and G37). They know that if the 135i is priced more than a 335i competitor there going to end up with another 318ti on their hands and they don't wanna make the same mistake twice. They also know that if the car is priced to close to the G37(and the rest of competitors) they are going to loose a lot of customers who aren't car crazy like us on this form. So in reality the know they have give the 135i a really good price that will make people look alway from the other cars in the market. To put it simply they have to give a price that will make most people feel satisfied about buying it. And I mean most people, not just us ADDICTS.