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Originally Posted by larryn View Post
Soooo.... 41 out of 54 of 135i fanatics would pass on the 1er if it were $37. Pretty damning results so far, if you ask me.

So much for getting new market share, when that price would drive people from the marque.
Unfortunately I don't think that BMW needs to sell a boatload of 135is for the 1er to be successful. I'm guessing that the 128i will outsell the 135i by a factor of 5-to-1 if not more. And since we don't have any performance reviews on the new coupes it's quite possible that the 128i will satisfy a lot of people once they actually drive one. The 135i might get you in the door, but if the price is a turnoff there's the 128i or a 3 series. Just my two cents. YMMV.