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Originally Posted by Cavpilot2k View Post
Yes, I am looking at the PS4S.
I can still get PSS (for now, anyway), so I was just wondering if I should get them while I can or move on to the PS4S (or any other one, but further investigation has borne out that there really is no other substitute in the Michelin line).
IF you can get the PSS still... and IF they are much cheaper than the PS4S... then I would go with the PSS tires.

As long as they(PSS) tires aren't too old! (check the four digit build date, on the tire sidewall. Build week and year. ie: 1418 = 14th week of 2018). Normally when I buy tires here in Germany... they are only a week or two old. Most tire dealers over here get their tires drop shipped from the tire manufactures/distributors.

Otherwise go with the PS4S. They are supposed to be better in every performance category over the PSS.