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Originally Posted by eeghie View Post
Raw build, nice!

Can I ask, the three roof bars, were they put in new (as they are black on top)? How fiddly is the roof reassembly; do the roof parts 'snap' into each other with lips etc or are they hard to align? How did you go about prevent and or eliminate any window glass gaps?

Could you post more pics on the roof re-assembly?

thx, eeghie
The 3 roof bars are new. Picture below shows why. A BMW approved panel shop put the roof on. The process is lining it up and using a glue and rivots.
Some additional photos of the joins for you, one internal and other looking down on the joint between roof panel and frame going between a pillar to c pillar. The screw hole section is for roof rack mounts. On the lips were the glass will cover you can see the rivot points, no photo but can post one if you like.
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