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Originally Posted by Dmak View Post
How do u like the Orange koni?
After having already put over 250 miles on the setup, I'm really enjoying the shocks so far (and the full setup in general).

I had my mind set up on adding the slight drop of the Eibach Pro-Kit early on, but was ultimately undecided about what shocks to pair with the springs. I've run coilovers as well as the Eibach Pro-Kit with stock shocks on previous BMW models I've owned, and knew I did not want to go either of those routes for this daily driver. No rubbing, no spacers, minimal wheel gap, adding a little more tire to help with the added power and a slight increase in ride quality were of utmost importance. The B12 kit from Bilstein, ore creating my own combo comprised of Koni Yellows, seemed to be what I would go with, but the total price from Tire Rack for the Koni STR.T non-adjustable shocks and Pro-Kit springs fast-forwarded my decision. I'd definitely suggest them; especially for the price.

Seeing how this car that would never see the track, it was refreshing lowering the car back down after the suspension install and knowing I didn't have to adjust any settings such as ride height, rebound, etc.
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