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It's been a while since my last update. Busy time with the holidays. I dropped the M3 rear parts off first for servicing and prep. My car rolled into Tyler's local shop here in Central Jersey on Friday, the 13th, already with much luck on our side for a successful build. Things went smooth and everything aligned as it should with the rear subframe swap as well as the brake upgrade. When it came time to the driveshaft, we outsourced to a local reputable driveshaft shop to mate M3 rear half and N55 front half. The other option was to go with a 1M driveshaft but at a much higher cost. I also replaced my bald rear tires with fresh new Michelin PSS.

Tyler is really the best to deal with. From the parts to the labor itself, he was always attentive on budget for me by always breaking down my options and always recommending what would be most cost effective. I explained to him my goals for tracking the car and he understood as he has track experience himself not to mention doing this particular swap on a N54 he previously had. He is putting together a breakdown of the process as well as pictures for me to use and post.

Right before the swap:

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