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Originally Posted by mmmm_beer View Post
Try this one, I took the source that was posted and changed one of the calls to be Windows compatible and the .exe in this zip file should run on Windows now without the need for Cygwin. It is still a command line program so it would require you to open the command prompt and issue the command like this:
bmwconv mysong.br5

where mysong.br5 is the name of a backed up song you wish to convert back into wma files.

You might even be able to drag and drop your files onto the .exe and it should do the conversion. Not 100% sure but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
Yooo, I have been looking high and low for this one 1999 reggae mix cd I got at a random NYC street festival, ever since someone broke into my car and stole it in 2016! Then my car was garaged with DMV registration penalty in 2018, then covid-19 and here we are today November 2021. I get my car back on the road and discover the CD i been looking for all these years was the only cd I ever saved to the car's hard drive. You helped me get it back! Can I paypal you $20 or sumthin? geez thanks!
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