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Nexen Winguard Sport

Hello to All,
If anyone is considering buying the Nexen's, here's my initial review/observation after owning them for one day.

I purchased a Set of Nexen Winguard Sport 205/50/17's today. I've only had them on for one day in 60 degree weather, so by no means was this a good day to review a winter tire. Overall initial impression is good, they are quiet, and I was able to cruise at 90 miles per hour comfortably, with somewhat of a floaty feeling but controlled/safe ride. During acceleration they didn't break loose and seemed to have good overall traction considering the conditions. My last set of Dunlop 3DS seemed louder and squirmier but those we're 4 years old (on my old 330I) and the technology wasn't as good as it is today. I'll say these are somewhat squishy in the initial turn in, however they do end up biting once they settle into the corner; handling was above average for a snow tire in my opinion and better than the Dunlop’s. Most recently I was using a set of Goodyear LS runcraps for my winters(OEM), the nexen's don't handle as well as the Goodyear's but they are quieter and seem to give a more compliant ride than the All seasons. These we're $515.00 installed with a 4 wheel alignment, really good deal and I’m very happy with the purchase so far. We're going to get some rain from the hurricane coming up the coast this week so I'll try them in high speed and low speed over the next couple days and report back, and once it snows I'll give another review/observation at that time.
Pictures coming soon as they we're doing maintenance on the site.
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