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from another review: they have to be better than my bald all seasons

Nexen is a Korean tire manufacturer that is just recently expanding its European and American product lines. That being the case, the tires are decently inexpensive. I got my set for $129 a tire from Town Fair.

The sport version of the tire was designed for the European market and I would assume the Autobahn. Just by look and feel they are a much sturdier tire than most other winter tires Ive dealt with. The sidewall is sturdy. It must be, considering the V (149mph) speed rating these tires have. I find these to be quite responsive and reassuring to drive with. I can take corners just as fast if not faster than with my bald summer Toyos the car came with.

Now on to the important stuff:

Dry: 5 - Very good traction. Even better considering they are winter tires. Car is surefooted and feels no different than on my old summer tires. Whereas I was scared to go overly fast on the tires I had on the vert, I have no issues with high speed driving with the Nexens on the Viggen.
Rain: 4 - Again, great traction. No, I havent played too much in the wet since putting these on, but from what I did experience they are far more than adequate when it comes to moving water.
Snow: 4 - In today's insanity the car was incredibly easy to control. Undertaking the hill that requires a drop from 5th to 3rd at the legal speed limit (steep bastard) was no issue. I could step the car out just enough and exactly when and how I needed to. Unfortunately, hard-packed snow offers a challenge. Wheel spin is more likely, though still very easily avoided.
Slush: 4 - Best slush driving Ive yet experienced. The tread that makes wet weather driving so simple carries over just as neatly into this more severe weather.
Ice: 3.5 - In the plowed and iced over parking lot of what once was Circuit City, the tires held very well. I had to put some effort into getting the back end to step out. Considering I have the largest ARB one can purchase for Saabs, this is good stuff.
Ride quality: 5 - For winter tires, the ride is downright cloud-like. Thats not to say its perfectly smooth, but it is eons better than most snows.
Road noise: 3 - Not loud, but certainly not quiet either.