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Part of the charm of the 1M was that it didn't have electronic rev match. I don't think you can do it in a manual. There has to be something that detects what gear you are entering into and calculate that. It would take quite retrofit to kill the special character of the 1M compared to all the other electrogizmo cars. With that said, there were some people that wanted an automatic in the 1M and electro dampers so who knows.
Well me personally if there was a dct for this 1m im all for it. Just really want to daily drive the car haha. Why dct traffic is about 1-2 hours bumper to bumper with less than 10kms one way hehe
Never understood why a manual is tough to daily drive. DD my 1m 90k miles. What else does my left foot have to do? And clutch is pretty good, still on my first.
Yeah traffic is just bad i guess. Like driving for a meeting it will take you 3-4 hours total (20miles) for a 30 minute meeting. Average speed i guess 7mph hehe super bad