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Originally Posted by hinshu View Post
nice! I'm running dual weber DCOE 45's on a built 2.0L ABF. 288* cam is on the way and est power around 210, but at this rate id be happy with 160hp too ... it is pretty damn light
Yea... my friend had some high lift camshaft too(from euro race parts 288' sounds right). His engine started out as a 1.6L factory motor. Then he kept mod'ing it. It grew to 82mm pistons and an offset grind crank(88mm I think). Then he had put NOS on it and had a back fire... he then melted a piston so he went with 83.5mm pistons and that 88mm crank. I think that gave him 1868cc of engine. He had put a GTi (4K ?) gearbox in it too. I just remember his car was fast! Always 15.0 flat or 15.2's in the quarter at 92 mph. And he never had enough money to put a quaife in there! lol

That car was his pride and joy until his wife made him get rid of it. women.