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Originally Posted by Kracken View Post
So...I recently had a failed battery replaced; not covered under warranty at only 14K miles.
$ 402.00 later, I was told the denial was due to the car sitting idle too long but the paper work seems to reveal additional info:

Diagnosis code D6121; unfavorable usage terminal 15 left on, Long immobilization at kilometer reading 22896.

I'm still fighting the denial but the dealer is leaning towards operator error saying the battery was not defective.

Does anybody know what systems or circuits involve terminal 15?

Some folks have speculated my Comfort Access prevented my car from going into sleep mode due to a spare key being kept close by in a closed toolbox in the garage thus slowly draining the battery which is entirely possible but now I'm curious to know more about terminal 15. The Director of Service did not know exactly.

BMWNA is now involved as well. Just waiting to hear back.

Thanks in advance for any input
Ignition was left on without the engine running.