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I wonder if this comfort access thing is well known???

I had a dead battery, swapped another one in, drove to the dealer and they replaced the battery for me under warranty.

Dont recall the reason cited, but what they told me was that since my car had sat for a while, that was why. They DID check to make sure all modules were going to sleep properly.

So dealers will cover it. But if they have reason to believe that you screwed up, then let's face it, it IS your fault (not meaning to be rude here). IMO the module should still power down and go to sleep if a key is present but no action for some amount of time... But if that doesnt happen, you still made the situation. Starts to turn into a big pointing fingers game.

But for $400, Id probably buy a BT or whatever tool lets you register a new battery, and then an AAP autocraft silver battery with the 40% coupon, which is a great deal.

These cars just DO suck down a lot of power if left sitting. I let mine sit for nearly a month without being on the maintainer, and it went down to a bit below 12V. That is 0 state of charge. There is a risk of electrolyte freezing at lowered state of charge, so be double careful in the winter.

If you can, use a battery maintainer, the BatteryMinder 2012 is my current top choice. Im currently making a custom harness that will fit the 1 series, so it is easy to hook up without even popping the hood...

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