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Talking FS: Adaptive Xenon Headlights and PASSENGER side Tail Light half price $ UPDATED pics

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UPDATE: Driver's side light sold!

Got into an accident a while ago. The headlight brackets that hold these in place are a little broken but I was given the option to have them repaired for pretty cheap by the body shop. I said fuck it and ordered euro style headlights instead but I got screwed in the end because they mixed up the part numbers and I got US spec ones anyway. Also, other than that the passenger side has a superficial horizontal scratch which is easy to buff out.

Other than the afore-mentioned scratch and the brackets (both easily fixable) these are in great condition, just light regular wear and light pitting. There are no cracks, dents, or any other damage, and the seal is completely intact (except for where you insert the bulbs where obviously there are openings).

The accident was so light that none of my bulbs were damaged at all so I'm keeping them, but I can throw in some stock H8s or GP thunders to sweeten the deal plus I have my stock H3s sitting around somewhere.

Also I have a stock EDIT: Passenger side tail light sitting around, complete with turn signal bulb. I forget where I even got this or how much it goes for new, but it's in pretty much perfect condition. No scratches dings or anything at all.

I know headlights are about 900 bucks each new so let's say half that for the bracket mishap and the fact that they're used.

Driver side - 400 + shipping SOLD
Passenger side - 300 + shipping

Tail light - 100 bucks? + shipping
Everything (passenger headlight plus tail light) - 350+ shipping

(shipping doesn't apply if you're local to the tri state area but please don't make me drive to eastern CT or upstate NY or something)

also I'm willing to negotiate to a reasonable extent. I was gonna sell these on eBay but I figure you guys should get dibs.

UPDATE: I got pictures now! One of them shows a closeup of the horizontal scuff, and looking at these i'm not sure what exactly is broken about the housing brackets (other than missing one of the 25 cent metal bitch clips that hold the back of the cover in place). As can be seen, everything around the back is in tip top shape, you just need to insert the bulbs and you're good to go


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