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Originally Posted by Satalite View Post
Pics of these OEM Xenons? Is it just the housing units or the bulbs and ballasts etc..?

I'm on my way home from vacation today but I'll have pictures up by tomorrow. I believe it's everything except for the D1S bulbs that control the headlights themselves since I'm gonna throw in the H3 and H8 bulbs for free. The little motors that control the adaptive headlights are part of the package as well as a bunch of the built in wiring. Gotta check if the ballasts are included when I get back.

Other than reprogramming, all you need to do, I *believe*, to make this set functional is to fix the brackets so they stay put (though I drove around for 2 weeks without issue with "broken" brackets) and install the D1S bulbs (excellent chance to upgrade to 6000K ones from e92-lighting or a similar vendor) as these bulbs are not included in the 900 dollar price when buying them new from BMW anyway.

But I'll give you some more info, as well as pics, by tomorrow

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